Effective remedies for gray hair

How to stop hair grayingAging is a process of acceptance. We all know that.However, when the first flock of gray hair pops up our endless search for an effective cure for gray hair starts. While everyone has one or the other suggestion, it is difficult to believe it until one sees the results. To understand the phenomenon of gray hair, one must know hair is a collection of a pigment called Melanin. The moment graying starts it indicates that the hair follicle is dying reducing the melanin content. The lesser the pigment, the darker the chances of healthy black hair. Besides aging the other reasons that can cause the premature gray head is excessive stress or malnutrition. A severe lack of vitamins A, B, and Zinc ingredient pushes the color gray in our hair.

The technical definition of hair graying notes that the collection of excessive hydrogen peroxide that gets accumulated due to oxidative stress causes gray hair.

Is there any credible, effective cure for gray hair? There are several remedies which are chemical as well as home based solutions. However, the results vary on several factors, and no unanimous solution will work towards converting the gray head into a thick black farm of healthy hair.
The interesting thing here is the Asian cultures have several homemade recipes that proclaim the igniting the black hair growth, and converting the grays into the acceptable shade of black.
Some of the known natural, effective cure for gray hair remedies is as follows:

1. Onion & Lemon Juice: The smelly onion is a useful ingredient along with lemon juice as it adds the enzyme Catalase to reverse the gray hair growth. The enzyme can reverse the effect of Hydrogen peroxide to reverse the gray hair into its original color status.

2. The Curry leaves: The Curry leaves are full of vitamin B complex are known to be effective to root out the gray hair issue. The curry leaves recipe mixed with coconut oil is supposed to bring the best nutrient effect to the hair follicle.

3. The Indian Gooseberry: The gooseberry also popularly known as “Amala” is considered an excellent remedy to avoid the graying of hair.

4. The Black Seed Oil and Olive Oil: The olive oil and black seed oil too are considered an excellent remedy to reverse the gray hair. They not only bring the color back, but also are credited to give the much-needed shine boost to the hair.

Coconut oil for hair care5. The Coconut Oil: Many Asian cultures use warm coconut oil as a routine to ensure head full of hair is held high and for long. The coconut oil has several nutrients like vitamins, carbohydrates that go deep down the follicle producing hair that is healthy and thick. A warm coconut oil massage every fortnight is a recommended solution to keep the gray hair at bay.

6. Rosemary: The Rosemary and sage leaves together can cover the gray hair. The rosemary oil has been found effective for stalling the gray hair growth.

7. Almond Oil: The almond oil has been found healthy enough to thwart the grey hair crop. One can use almond oil with ingredients like Amla and lemon juice.

Healthy hair is an attitude personified. A good healthy head that grows the crop of real hair, which are not gray is a product of a routine and hygiene standards followed by the person concerned. It is important to clean hair regularly, keep the usage of chemicals to the minimal, provide the hair follicles with required nutrients. Great hair habits lead to few gray pop-ups!!