Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

Green coffee bean is good for losing weight and this is why it is found in many supplements for dieters. This extract works well because it suppresses your appetite, boosts energy for improved metabolism and it eliminates the free radicals in your body that causes cancer, colds and illnesses that affect your immune system. You should be aware of some of the side effects of this extract if you have certain allergies or medical conditions because the extract is potent and you do not want to experience negative reactions to the green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee extract side effects

Not Good for Those Who Need to Decrease Caffeine Intake

If your doctor put you on a special diet that limits caffeine intake, then you should not take the green coffee extract because you may experience negative side effects. If your doctor says it is safe to use the extract despite your condition, take it according to the manufacturer’s directions and you do not want to take the extract every day if you have allergies or if you are limited to a certain dosage of caffeine per day.

Weight Loss: A Positive Side Effect

There is a positive side effect to taking green coffee bean extract: weight loss. When you use this extract, you are able block the carbs from becoming fat and this means less fat storage in the abdominal area. This is beneficial because most people have a hard time losing weight in the stomach area and the extract causes a decrease in excess belly fat. The extract also suppresses your appetite so it contributes to weight loss that way.

Lowering of Bad Cholesterol

Another positive side effect of green coffee bean extract is that it lowers your bad cholesterol and this is a good thing if you have a family history of heart disease, if you had a heart attack recently or if you adopted unhealthy eating habits over the years. In addition to the green coffee bean extract, you can lower your bad cholesterol by eating less red meat, eating more fruits and vegetables, and getting in thirty minutes to an hour of exercise daily.

Side effects of diet pillsNo Real Negative Side Effects Overall

Based on reviews from customers, most of the green coffee bean extract side effects are positive instead of negative but just like any kind of medicine, you want to be careful when taking this extract because if you do not follow the manufacturer’s directions for use, you could experience health issues. But overall, this extract is safe to use.


Green coffee bean extract is a great way to lose weight sensibly and it aids your daily exercise and healthy diet so that you will have a better body and more energy to burn for the day. This extract is safe to use and you can take it while eating meals or you can put it in your tea or juice in the morning. Finally, this extract is also affordable to purchase.