How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

Gynecomastia surgery costsAbout 40 to 60 per cent of the male population is inflicted with gynecomastia. It is a condition wherein there is an increase in the size of the chest that looks more like a woman’s breast. This is an embarrassing situation for most men since having female- like breast often brings out other issues such as their sexual preference, and the choice of clothing.

Although there are numerous of ways to solve this problem, the only effective and fast solution is through having the growth removed through an operation.

Who can have a surgical gynecomastia procedure?

The best candidates for a gynecomastia removal operation are those who are emotionally mature individuals who think of the surgery as a cure not as something to prove their sexuality and worse, not as a means to lose weight. It must be that the candidates are of sound body so as not to increase their risks for complications related to the surgery.

What are the risks involved?

Since this is a surgical procedure, typical risks include bleeding tendencies, infections, scarring, and severe allergic reactions towards the anaesthesia. These risks are oftentimes minimal and can be avoided with careful surgical techniques. The risks are higher to individual who are alcoholic, smoking, and who are with severe medical conditions wherein their body is generally considered to be compromised.

How much does a breast reduction surgery cost?

A gynecomastia surgery costs at an average of $ 3,000. This is just for the surgeon’s fee. It generally varies according to the region you are in and of course according to the expertise of the doctor. Other fees that you should be aware of and prepare for are anesthesia fee, use of the surgical facility, medications, and other related fees. Of course you will have to spend for the diagnostic procedures such as laboratory tests and initial consultations. The surgeon will follow the protocol of determining whether you are physically and emotionally ready to undergo surgery and these procedures can cost quite a lot especially if the doctor will suspect for any medical condition, like hypertension and diabetes that could affect you during surgery and the recovery period. Sometimes there will be a need to stabilize your condition first before pursuing with the surgery. This means you have to pay for the treatment of these underlying conditions first before you can finally have that breast reduction procedure.

gynecomastia surgery procedureIf you do plan to undergo a surgical intervention for gynecomastia, you have to understand that these might not be the only costs that you will incur. You also have to count how much you will spend in extra once you don/t return to work for a couple of days while recovering, or when you decide to have it done overseas, you would have to prepare also for your travel costs. Being financially ready is a good way to assess your readiness for the surgery. It is not healthy to plan out everything and leave out important details such as the possible costs. It is best to be prepared so that the success in achieving positive results is imminent.